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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Here comes the snow..

originally posted in another blog of mine on 2/5/10

I'm am so sxcited right now at this writing..We are expecting one of the biggest snowstorms ever here in Philly in a matter of hours..Everyone I know is ready..we've known about it all week we had plenty of time to prepare..we got salt for the sidewalks...made sure we have toilet paper,, and food....what more do ya need...I don't have any hot cocoa which would be perfect and the Super Bowl is on Sunday February 7. 2010 between the Colts and the Saints..I pick the Saints just because..the cowboys aren't in it it really doesn't matter..but I want the Saints,, I figure New Orleans could use a break...!

These kind of snowstorms are the kind I remember as a kid..mountains and mountains of snow...Out playing in it for hours until our fingers were numb..even though we had layers of gloves on..and frozen toes ...ahhh those were the days...I am so glad I got to experience making snow forts and snow men and sliding on a sled down a steep street down the block from where I lived...I rememvber making snow angels on 2 acres of land at my grandmothers that was the place to go and make snow people..snow forever..
Valley Forge was a good place to go sledding..It had a lot of hills and hundreds of people would bring their sleds and it was fun for all!!This one is gonna be one of those types ..This is the second one this winter and thats rare..We had one with 23" on Dec 20.2009.. this is supposed to equal or surpass that can look out the window and see the grayness..its almost nighttime..Its 4:44 pm...spose to hit about 6 or so...This to me is exciting..the kids will truly be out in it tomorrow..Hope Davina and Jeanell and Lacey get some good pictures...Will be back to post more when it gets here...
Posted by Brenda aka granny7x at 1:25 PM

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