beautiful picture

beautiful picture

Welcome to the stories of my life...

I just want to humbley welcome and thank all of those that take the time to read what I write..Idon't have a particular theme at any given time...just write what I feel compelled to write at the time...Please if you read my blogs ..leave a comment..I would love to know what you think...thanks again and enjoy the journey....

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Dear Barb,
I'm at a loss as to how to explain my love for you.....I have friends in my life..most of them are life long friends...I still keep in touch with Daisy Steinborn ..met her in 4th grade I believe, theres Ann and Connie from junior high..from about the age of 12 or 13...theres Deb Vincent from junior high...from age 13 or 14....and there are others that I just reunited with on the internet...maybe from classmates or some other source...but you and I ...well you and I go as far back as two people could possible go....birth....we hung out in Hatfield as toddlers and young children...we grew up together in the most formidable time of our lives in Lansdale...our young days and tween days...somehow we've tried to keep in touch throughout the years...we did off and on...and thank God we are now and always will be...I miss you and wish we could "do lunch" on the spur of the moment if we wanted many memories we have...good times ...hope I never forget...we've talked about a lot of them...But seeing you last June of 2008 or was it Lansdale,,,in Memorial Park..was surreal...can't believe we actually put together a plan and did it...Now I just have to keep my part of the next deal and get my health together and get my butt to Hawaii...I am so afraid to fly...but I will have to do it...hmmmmmmm!!! I wish for you the best life has to glad you are happy and have a partner who loves you! Please lets never lose touch ..EVER!!! I love you and miss you immensely...your life long friend Brenda Sue

So many memories but the one thing we both remember is that we used to pic fresh tomatoes from anyones garden and eat them right there on the spot...used to eat so many my mouth would get sore...still love me a just picked garden fresh tomatoe...could go for one right you Barb...

Friday, September 25, 2009


Was something I've been wanting to do for awhile..make arrangements for the end..My father is buried with his mother and father and I just didn't know where to happens I received a packet in the mail..I saw Riverside Cemetery on the front and is sparked an interest...thats where my dad and his parents are buried.
I read thru the brochures and pamphlets and included was a mock contract in case you were interested,,had the breakdown of the financial side of it...looked doable , even with my fixed income...I sent in the postcard for free information and within days I had it...I called and made an appointment for someone to come out and talk things over wih me..while I was on the phone the woman on the other end asked me if I knew Margaret,,at first I thought of my Aunt Peggy my fathers sister...but she said she was married to that was my Aunt Margaret..swell she passed a few years ago and my Uncle nick died before her..also have a cousins baby twin in there and the father of one of my cousins..they are everywhere and thats where I want to be...the plot itself is already paid for by my grandfather..My grandmother and grandfather came from Italy when she was pregnant with my father..I'm impressed that they bought 4 plots.....I got the last of the four..I guess no one else took that one because they all had partners that I spose they wanted to be buried next to...but there all there .close to us..I don't have a partner in life so I claimed it..I'm paying for the vault and the opening and closing(diggin the dirt and putting the dirt on the vault)...and the service with an overhead thingy..still have to do the funeral parlor and get the casket..This is not as gross as I thought it might be..Its a neccesity and my grandmother on my mothers side and my father both ahd theirs ready when they passed and we had an easy time of burying them and had time to grieve...My kids aren't liking that I'm doing this..but one day they will understand..this will help them in the long run...It's the weirdest feeling its not like I'm in a hurry to get there by no means but I'm looking forward to resting there..its a beautiful cemetery..and I'm in the SUNNY SIDE LOT..LOL It's nice to know I will REST IN PEACE..I hope its not for another 40 years...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I have a case of writers block right now..

Just realized its been almost 2 weeks since I've written anything..lots happening just don't have that urge to write about anything in particular...grandchildren have all started school..all but one is attending school this year...3 of them are in pre k one is in kindergarten, one is in first grade and the oldest one believe it or not is in the 10th did the time go...>???

It's 4 am on a Sunday morning...spose to be going to Brayden and Jolies birthday party today,,,not sure if we can go..dallas and Dellaney have been sick for a few days now ...Jeanell has had to nebulize laney a few times...they've had fevers and coughs and snot that what we call a runny nose...well I will write when I have the urge to really say something...later!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Dear Mom,

I love you, I always have , I always will. I'm sorry our relationship has been so far apart all these years..Years niether one of us will ever get back..YOU chose not to be a a part of my life, or of my childrens lives, or their childrens lives...I'm sorry I have to explain to them who you are and show them pictures of you from 30 years ago or longer...Sorry for you , for me, but especially for the children. They have a grandmother who is alive who chooses not to acknowledge them..My children will never know what a "grandmother" is ..The only taste of one will be the memory of MY grandmother..I thank God they have those memories..My grandchildren have ME and they will have wonderful memories. I wish you would have gotten to know how precious each one they can make you laugh and they can make you cry..Each one is a gift from God!! What a loss to your life,,what a beautiful assett knowing them could have been to YOUR life.!!
I am so sorry for YOU and for US!!

I write this in case I go before you..My health isn't all that great and I just needed to write to you..
I take nothing in my life for granted! There's always been a hole in my heart where you should have been!!

P.S. If in Heaven we should meet, will you be my friend then?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I am totally bored..Nothing happening on Bonanzle right now..wrote in every thread I could find pertaining to something I might me interested in..I'm getting ready to order a grilled chicken caesar salad..omg I used to really be hooked on them ..Now I only get one maybe once a month..salad is fine but I like the caesar dressing... this place makes their own..another place I get the salad from has the packaged Paul Newman ceasar dressing ,,I think not as tasty missing the raw egg I believe cause of the health scare with raw eggs..but I like this other places much better..Tonight I have the craving so I shall indulge this evening..i did have a good day. went hunting for homeowners insurance and it went thats a good thing..Life is good and I thank God each and every day..several times.. and on that note I'm outta here..hugs to all...