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beautiful picture

Welcome to the stories of my life...

I just want to humbley welcome and thank all of those that take the time to read what I write..Idon't have a particular theme at any given time...just write what I feel compelled to write at the time...Please if you read my blogs ..leave a comment..I would love to know what you think...thanks again and enjoy the journey....

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Okay let me start out by saying that I love children...most children..well I guess I LOVE them all just don't LIKE some..I have four of my own, 2 daughters and 2 sons..boy girl boy girl..okay great..I have seven grandchildren which are the lights of my life..everyone of them is well mannered, well behaved..rarely do the brothers and sisters fight each other..of course there are occasions where that"s not true..saying all this to get to my point..I have been staying here with my daughter for over a month now..for no other reason than because my house is so big and lonely and I am a great help to her and she is a great help to me..she is a single parent ..although her childrens father comes around occassionally to take them for new sneakers or to take them to lego land or a place called Dave and Busters which is an large glorified Chuck E. Cheese..that's a whole other blog and story in on with my rant..each morning around 7:45 my daughters friends children come to my daughters house because their mom has to go to work and Jeanell (my daughter) takes her kids and her friends kids to school a little after 8...and like I said I LOVE children..I would even go so far as to say I LOVE these two..a girl which is the oldest(9) and this annoying little boy (6)..the minute they walk through the door it grandchildren are just rolling out of their beds and these other two are already at it..they constantly matter what the sister says the brother has to dispute it..If she said the sky is blue he would dispute that..his little voice is so irritating to make matters even worse...their mother knows they act like this because one will tell on the other..and they get butt whoopings..not beatings..but they get whoopings and get grounded and things taken from them..I know this..they are warned to be on their best behavior when they come to my daughters house in the morning..their grandmother is in Texas and they miss her I try to give them some grandmotherly love..I try to talk to them about how God gave them each other and they shouldn't fight so much and love one another..I told them that when they do that whether home or at my daughters house that they set the mood for the they hear me ? they care? apparently not because 3 minutes later they are arguing over something else..right now at home they are on punishment for tv for a week..the little boy told me I don't know whey ..we didn't fight at all last night..I said but you are on punishment for arguing the night before you shouldn't have  argued last night..I try I swear I do..I give them examples and life lessons I learned along the way..but ya know what I can't save the world..but my daughter can stop them from coming to her home in the morning and getting her kids days started on the wrong foot..her kids are always telling them to stop and its just not a good way to wake up and start your off th school they just went and the house is quiet..and I am waiting for my daughter to bring me my hot tea from wither WAWA or Dunkin donuts and a breakfast sandwhich..that's what I want today and damn I deserve it..well folks until tomorrow...another day..yikes..okay summer is almost

Monday, February 4, 2013

My 60th year..

I told my kids I would love to have some kind of party to celebrate my 60th birthday coming up soon..I'm not really one to have parties for my brother and I always had a double party at my grandmoms when we were growing up since we are 5 days away..he is march 1 and I am March 6..I am 5 days short of 2 years older than we got older we would sometimes still celebrate together..than about 15 years ago our relationship got a bit estranged and we are just now finding our way back..not sure for how long..hes hard to get along with or hard to understand sometimes..Anyway..I usually just got o dinner with one or two of my kids..I have four..but this year I want all four and their significant others (well only one has a steady significant other and all the grandkids..would really like to get some old friends together that I used to work with before I had to leave because of arthritis..still talk to some on facebook ,,even a few by phone..would be great to get together..maybe I will..there's a Chinese buffet place near us in Philadelphia and they do an all you can eat kind of party in a room they have..large beautiful room..will help you decorate and you can invite 50 people costs about 10 a person..that's not bad for the room and all you can eat..but i would call and see if I can have where I invite like 25..don't want 50..I will keep you posted on what we or I decide on..I am grateful to be turning 60..kind of proud actually that I made it this far after 2 years of going through health issues..some life father passed away 3 months after his 60th birthday..the women in the family way outlive the I hope I carry suit on that one..we will see..I look forward to my 60th..