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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Today is Sunday August 16, 2009 and I just had a bonanza on Bonanzle and sold nothing..I think I have some aweome items..been slow lately.. so slow in fact that I didn't even owe any money this month..Not good...The bonanza was 20% deducted off of the regular price...I have a brand new David's Bridal bridesmaid gown...never worn..mermaid color size 8 that was bought for $155.oo..I have it listed normally for $150.00 with free shipping...during the bonanza it was going for $120.00...$30.00 off..can't beat that..but the right eyes didn't see daughters custom made bracelets which normally sell for $46.00 were going for $36.00 ...she's not making a profit of any kind with the normal price let alone the sale price...but no sales...I'm totally dissapointed...I tweeted the sale..I put it and a link to Bonanzle and my booth on both of my facebook pages...I emailed about 20 friends and asked them to say hi to me in my chat window if they came to visit...I asked them to visit my booth because they loved me and wanted to support me...but nothing..a few people showed up in my booth and said "Good Luck with your bonanza"., but nothing...not one sale ...I guess I'm ranting...I put lots of work into this and so did lots of others and I see lots didn't make any sales either..someone said the "summer slump" seems to be over because they did so well in their booth...well I beg to differ..this is my worst month since I've been on Bonanza...not sure I want to expend that much energy again..this is my second BIG BLOCK PARTY TYPE SALE..not sure its the best thing for me....

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  1. I know what you mean about the sales over on Bonanzle. I've been there since February and only average about 1 or 2 sales a month. I've been thinking lately of an alternative plan as I don't really see a need to spend so much effort listing, just for the sake of listing.

    I realize the effort to promote our stores is up to us....I get that and make the most out of what I can out here. But it would be beneficial, not only to us but Bonanzle as well, if they put a little more effort into promoting their site.

    I saw an ecommerce video recently by a well known guy in the ecommerce circle and what he had to say about Bonanzle in his video and whether or not to devote a lot of time there as a seller, made a lot of sense. Basically he said if you're in business for yourself out here to make money, you have to sell where there is a community with buyers.

    I realzie, too, that it takes time to build a business and Bonanzle is still growing. I would just like to see the next level happen over there to help build a little more confidence with the sellers.