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Friday, February 19, 2010

To My Mom (written May 2009)

this is something I journaled one is not finished or fine tuned yet..

In my older years
I long for you
just like I did back then
only now I'm closer to the end
I've faced the fact that
I'll never see your face again
or have I accepted that??
the older I get the less I cry
cause some say its your loss
I'm not so sure thats totally true

My heart thats been broken by a man
has always repaired with time
not so sure that will happen here
pretty sure a piece of my heart
will always have a void
where you should be
not so sure I understand
but guess I'm not sposed to
God gives us nothing we can't handle
so I live without you
doesn't mean I don't miss or love you
put no one above you
and hope you'll have a change of heart
before its way to late
cause once we're gone..we're gone
I'm sure I'll see you on the other side
I've loved my children in spite of you
and I've learned from you what not to do..

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