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beautiful picture

Welcome to the stories of my life...

I just want to humbley welcome and thank all of those that take the time to read what I write..Idon't have a particular theme at any given time...just write what I feel compelled to write at the time...Please if you read my blogs ..leave a comment..I would love to know what you think...thanks again and enjoy the journey....

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My father would always call and want to go to lunch..when he did that I knew he had something important to talk to me I would always go..he usually wanted to talk about his insurance poliicies …what I needed to know if something should ever happend to him..he told me I would be his executrix and that I should divide everythng up into 3’s for me and my 3 brothers..I hated when he would have these “talks”..He died March 16th (10dys after my birthday) 1989…I was 36 years old…he died of lung cancer 4 months after surving his aeorta tearing from his heart and hanging on by one thread..Thomas Jefferson Hospital saved his life…they never saw the lung cancer..he recovered from the aeorta incident after being in a coma for 45 days..only to pass away 4 months later from the morphine for the pain…I miss my grandmother and my father..

..My father was the perfect father..he always told me as as young teenager that I could be Miss America…I knew it wasnt true..but he really thought that..he always boosted my self asteem and because of him is why I am who I am…I am the oldest and the only girl to an Italian father thats as good as gold..I was his princess and when he passed away I knew he was at peace and no longer in pain and I knew exactly what his final wishes were …because of all the ’talks"..and everything went smoothly…I could let him go because he knew how I felt about him ..I always told him I loved him.

My dad was a poor ole’ Italian boy..he had 11 siblings..we were close with most of them growing up..I remember some of the best times in my life is when my uncles Louie, and Nicky, and Johnny would come by the house with their families and my father and his brothers would play the guitar and the harmonicas…they used to play “Burning ring of fire” by Johnny Cash,,,and my dad used like to play Mona Lisa…some great times and good music

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