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Monday, January 25, 2010

Not sure How I should feel..I called my brother..

Yeah I was really angry that he didn't show up for Christmas..we grew up having the best Christmas's in the world..we did well..every Christmas we went to mommom and poppops ..might have been maybe three times that they came to our house..we only lived a few blocks from each other...we always made out great...Scotty was the one who handed out the gifts to everyone...did it all the way until we had our last family Christmas the year my grandmom sold her home and moved into a Mennonite retirement home ...her brother was there and lots of people she went to elementary school with..I swear ..I kid you not...I'm not sure of the year but I'm thinking 1995 or so....Scott and his then girlfriend Pat (they just broke up after 18 years...never lived together..never engaged..neve married to each other...)came down and my other brother Barry and his wife and 2 children at the time...we had fun...Then that was it...My brohter Barry and his family and my family became estranged in 2002 after the reading of my grandmothers will..He swears me and Scotty had something to do with the way things turned out..but I swear we didn't..No one ever talked to me about a will per say..I wouldn't have understood or been interested anyway..So it is what it is...I remember talking to Scotty on Thanksgiving...this was the first Thanksgiving he spent without Pat and he was just home watching TV...I called him and he told me he was going to the doctors for depression..but the thought never occured to me when he didnt show up for Christmas that that had anything to do with it..I talked to a friend whom he keeps in touch with and she lives near him..I told her to tell him thanks for not showing up..that I was upset...she just told him that I was dissappointed that he didnt show up...that was cool..she said he was home on Christmas csuse thats where he needed to then I wasn't as angry..I was I called him and I cried..cause I'm a cryer and I can't help just I cried.....he apologized and said hes feeling better and promised he would show up for the next thing I invited him to...I said cool and we said talk to you later....I feel better ...

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  1. I'm a cryer too and u wonder where I get it from so u posted this on the 25th and uncle scotty showed up on the 26th?! How awesome..I'm happy for u mom @ least one part of ur family is still in touch..and we did have the best christmas' I wish my kids were able to expierence those good days of my childhood!