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Sunday, September 6, 2009


Dear Mom,

I love you, I always have , I always will. I'm sorry our relationship has been so far apart all these years..Years niether one of us will ever get back..YOU chose not to be a a part of my life, or of my childrens lives, or their childrens lives...I'm sorry I have to explain to them who you are and show them pictures of you from 30 years ago or longer...Sorry for you , for me, but especially for the children. They have a grandmother who is alive who chooses not to acknowledge them..My children will never know what a "grandmother" is ..The only taste of one will be the memory of MY grandmother..I thank God they have those memories..My grandchildren have ME and they will have wonderful memories. I wish you would have gotten to know how precious each one they can make you laugh and they can make you cry..Each one is a gift from God!! What a loss to your life,,what a beautiful assett knowing them could have been to YOUR life.!!
I am so sorry for YOU and for US!!

I write this in case I go before you..My health isn't all that great and I just needed to write to you..
I take nothing in my life for granted! There's always been a hole in my heart where you should have been!!

P.S. If in Heaven we should meet, will you be my friend then?

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  1. Such a loss on her part. I'm glad you didn't follow in her footsteps. I've been blessed with the best mommy...the mom that other peoples children call mom and grandmom...You talk to all 4 of your children everyday and always know what's going on in your grandchildren's lives...literally from the days they were born. You've been there to see every one of them brought into the world and that means the world to all of us. I feel your pain because I see and hear it from you...certainy not because I have lived it myself. Don't know where any of us would be without you and dread the day we have to find out...Love you always! Just keep being you!